E3 is perhaps the biggest gaming-related trade show in the world. Every year, a bevy of game publishers and accessory manufacturers converge on the Los Angeles Convention Center for nearly a week to showcase their new wares to eager media. It seems like the perfect place to let everyone in on your next big project, right?

Not so, according to Microsoft.

As you may have noticed, Windows PC gaming was a no-show at this year's conference and according to Microsoft gaming chief Phil Spencer, that was no accident. In a recent interview with Polygon, Spencer said gaming on Windows has arguably never been healthier in the sense that big franchises like League of Legends and World of Tanks dwarf a lot of what they are doing in the console space in terms of users and monetization.

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean a show like E3 is a good fit for such titles.

Spencer pointed out that E3 is a retail show, a console show, and it didn't really feel like the right place for Microsoft to talk about Windows gaming. That's not to say that Windows games aren't critical to the company's success, however.

With E3 off the table, where then should Microsoft peddle PC games? Spencer said e-sports gaming meets, like Intel's recent Extreme Masters e-sports event that attracted more than 55,000 spectators, could have potential.