Over the years, online dating sites have managed to shed the early stigma of being reserved for creeps and the socially awkward. For those that aren't into the bar scene, enrolled in college or would rather screen potential mates before wasting time, it's a perfectly viable tool in the quest to find love.

That said, it's not uncommon to be attracted to a certain "type" of person. Maybe blondes are your thing, perhaps you prefer green eyes over blue or have a preference for a certain race. These are all things that can be filtered with ease when utilizing one of several popular online dating sites but for some, filtering with these attributes alone isn't enough.

In the event that you know exactly what you're after in the looks department and if that just so happened to be your ex, a new partnership between Match.com and LA-based matchmaking service Three Day Rule could be worth looking into.

Those that upgrade to the premium offering in the coming weeks will have access to, among other amenities, the company's facial recognition technology. Simply upload some photos of your ex and the software will work its magic to find other members that have similar facial features.

It sounds a bit creepy, yes, but if your ex had everything except a fitting personality, it makes sense. What may not make much sense for most, however, is the price of the service: $5,000 for a six-month package.

In addition to the facial recognition service, you also get a professional matchmaker that can coach you and even go on pre-dates as to not waste your time.

The service is clearly targeting high-end clients that don't have the time to try to narrow down the dating pool on their own but even still, five grand is a lot of money for no guarantees.