Nintendo is in the process of building a new title in the Legend of Zelda franchise but of course, that many not appeal to all gamers. If you're the sort that loves nostalgia and have a special place in your heart for the original, you'll no doubt want to check out this unique remake of the 1986 classic.

The 8-bit graphics in the original Zelda were stunning for its time, but could the game still ben enjoyable if the graphics were a bit worse? Strangely, the answer is yes.

Ben Purdy recently finished work on a JavaScript port of the game playable with just 16 x 14 pixels. It came to life as part of a Ludem Dare game jam themed around creating "de-make" style games. Those familiar with the title will immediately know where to go and what to do in order to collect all pieces of the triforce.

You can play the game for yourself simply by clicking here.

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