Back in late May, id Software and its owner ZeniMax filed a lawsuit against Oculus VR claiming the company stole code in order to further their own VR technology for Rift. Shortly before that, id's founder and well known game developer, John Carmack, took off for Oculus only lending to further speculation that some of ZeniMax's VR tech may have changed hands at some point as well. 

In a court filing this week, Oculus fought back against those claims saying there is absolutely no ZeniMax or id Software code present in its products. The VR company further claimed the suit has as much to do with Oculus being acquired by Facebook for $2 billion than anything. "ZeniMax's complaint falsely claims ownership in Oculus VR technology in a transparent attempt to take advantage of the Oculus VR sale to Facebook," yesterday's court filing read. Oculus says id and ZeniMax are just trying to grab a "quick payout." 

With ZeniMax having been in development on its own VR tech for several years, and Carmack iterating on and modding Rift prototypes previously, many suggest the two companies were much closer in the years prior than it may have appeared. Even still, Oculus is adamant in its claims saying there is "not a line of ZeniMax code or any of its technology" within the Rift headset. It also says that ZeniMax has not only had the full source code for Oculus VR for over a year and half now but has also failed to actually identify the technology or code they claim has been stolen.

ZeniMax has made no public statements regarding the Oculus filing.