While the original developers of the torrent streaming platform Popcorn Time have now ceased involvement with the project, its source code is still alive and well. A new fork of the software called Time4Popcorn has been in development for some time and is now introducing support for Chromecast

The service essentially allows users to stream torrents of movies and TV shows from within an interface that works much like Netflix and similar services. Once limited to the desktop and smaller displays, inbound Chromecast updates will bring Popcorn Time movie and TV show torrents directly to the big screen. The service downloads the torrent in the background while the user is streaming the video (with varying degrees of success based on user accounts).

Popcorn Time likely isn't illegal, difficult to trace and becoming more widely available every month, according to reports. The original Popcorn Time was made available in beta form on Windows, Mac and Linux, but that development team announced that it would no longer continue work on the project earlier this year. However, the new Time4Popcorn team has been hard work reviving the project and already has Android and VPN support for its version. 

The Windows app with the new Chromecast support is available in alpha form right now and the development team said to expect Mac and Android versions with Chromecast support to hit soon as well.