Digg on Friday announced a massive overhaul of News.me, a social news reading app created by Betaworks (Digg's current owner). The revised service is now being called Digg Deeper and as the name suggests, it'll give users a more personalized experience versus what Digg currently offers.

As you likely already know, Digg specializes curated news stories and videos from around the web based on what its members and staff like. Digg Deeper aims for a more personalized experience based on what your friends are sharing on Twitter.

By linking your Twitter account with the service, Digg Deeper will comb through your timeline to isolate the links your friends are discussing the most. These curated results will then be delivered in three different ways: as a scrolling list on the Digg homepage, via real-time e-mail alerts or through mobile notifications using their iOS app.

In a blog post on the matter, Digg said the "magic ingredient" of it all has to do with finding the right threshold for alerts. For example, the algorithm measures the activity around each link in your feed. If you follow a ton of accounts that link to hundreds of stories a day, you might only get alerts if a story is shared five or more times.

Conversely, if you only follow a handful of people, that threshold may be lowered to two or so. This will ensure that you won't be bombarded with constant alerts in the event you follow a bunch of people while at the same time, it'll make sure you do at least get some content to check out if you're follow list is lean.

The service only works with Twitter for now but Digg said they plan to add more social sources soon.