Bold ambition & our core As we start FY15, I want to thank you for all of your contributions this past year. I'm proud of what we collectively achieved even as we drove significant changes in our business and organization. It's energizing to feel the momentum and enthusiasm building. The day I took on my new role I said that our industry does not respect tradition – it only respects innovation. I also said that in order to accelerate our innovation, we must rediscover our soul -- our unique core. We must all understand and embrace what only Microsoft can contribute to the world and how we can once again change the world. Satya Nadella

Congress is about to vote on a terrible new cybersecurity bill There's a new cybersecurity bill making its way through Congress, sponsored and written by Diane Feinstein (D-CA), and critics are already calling it a new backdoor for surveillance by the National Security Agency. The Cybersecurity Intelligence Sharing Act of 2014 (CISA) was approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, putting it on track for a Senate vote this summer. But like its controversial predecessors, the bill is coming under fire as a step backwards in the fight for surveillance reform. The Verge

Exclusive: Upcoming games to support Mantle Today we bring you an update to our March post with Mantle-supported games. As you can see the list has grown, and we have some very cool games coming. The list is divided into 3 groups: games that are released, unreleased, and games that are not yet confirmed to support Mantle, however developers have signed for private AMD beta program. Games in beta program may or may not support Mantle, but these games will be Gaming Evolved titles for sure. Videocardz

Alcatel-Lucent sets new world record broadband speed of 10 Gbps for transmission of data over traditional copper telephone lines Bell Labs, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent, has set a new broadband speed record of 10 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) using traditional copper telephone lines and a prototype technology that demonstrates how existing copper access networks can be used to deliver 1Gbps symmetrical ultra-broadband access services. Alcatel-Lucent

Unbundling innovation: Samsung, PCs and China It seems pretty clear now that the Android OEM world is starting to play out pretty much like the PC world. The industry has become unbundled vertically between components, devices, operating system and application software & services. The components are commoditised and OEMs cannot differentiate on software, so they are entering a race to the bottom of cheaper and cheaper and more and more commoditised products, much like the PC industry. Benadict Evans

Judge orders unmasking of "negative" reviewers A federal judge has granted a nutritional supplement firm's request to help it learn the identities of those who allegedly left "phony negative" reviews of its products on The decision means that Ubervita may issue subpoena's to and Cragslist to cough up the identities of those behind a "campaign of dirty tricks against Ubervita in a wrongful effort to put Ubervita at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace". Ars Technica

Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay series -- E3 demo part one: The Hinterlands Join creative director Mike Laidlaw as he walks you through part one of the award winning Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 gameplay demo. In part one, explore the largest Dragon Age world ever created and lead your followers in a battle against a High Dragon. Dragon Age: Inquisition releases on October 7, 2014.

"Nano-pixels" hold huge potential for flexible, low-power, high-res screens The Retina displays featured on Apple's iPhone 4 and 5 models pack a pixel density of 326 ppi, with individual pixels measuring 78 micrometers. That might seem plenty good enough given the average human eye is unable to differentiate between the individual pixels, but scientists in the UK have now developed technology that could lead to extremely high-resolution displays that put such pixel densities to shame. Gizmag

Waiting for dark Amir Taaki and Cody Wilson are cruising north through Texas on Interstate 35 in the 4:30 am predawn darkness. One of the headlights on the aging BMW Wilson's driving is burned out, and he's wearing sunglasses. "They're prescription," he says drily. It's May Day, every anarchist's favorite holiday, and the two 26-year-olds have marked the occasion by releasing a piece of software that represents their best attempt so far to undermine every government in the world. Wired

Crooks seek revival of 'Gameover Zeus' botnet Cybercrooks today began taking steps to resurrect the Gameover ZeuS botnet, a complex crime machine that has been blamed for the theft more than $100 million from banks, businesses and consumers worldwide. The revival attempt comes roughly five weeks after the FBI joined several nations, researchers and security firms in a global and thus far successful effort to eradicate it. Krebs on Security

Hulu to stream 'South Park' as more players jostle for online rights While the media moguls in Sun Valley, Idaho, jockeyed for parking spaces for their jets and hunted for safe havens in a consolidating content world, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the boy-men behind "South Park," were in Los Angeles, proving again that if you make content people love -- it's harder than it looks -- it doesn’t matter how many paradigms shift. The NY Times

The thought experiment I was about 15 minutes late for my first phone call with Jan Scheuermann. When I tried to apologize for keeping her waiting, she stopped me. "I wasn't just sitting around waiting for you, you know," she said, before catching herself. "Well, actually I was sitting around." Scheuermann, who is 54, has been paralyzed for 14 years. Technology Review

Firefox web browser popularity wanes When you take a look at Net Applications' web desktop browser market share reports over the long run two things stand out. One, there's the rise of Google's Chrome to second place, and two,Mozilla's Firefox's steep decline. How bad is Firefox's fall? In June 2014, Firefox hit a new five-year low of 15.6 percent market share. ZDNet

Finnish national broadcaster will transmit blockchain over terrestrial digital TV network The Finnish national broadcaster has partnered with Kryptoradio to broadcast the Bitcoin blockchain over the digital television network making it accessible over a non-Internet channel to 95% of the Finnish population. Boing Boing