A single Swedish man and his article-writing bot are responsible for creating 2.7 million articles on Wikipedia, or 8.5% of the entire collection of entries available on the online encyclopedia.

53-year-old Sverker Johansson uses a bot he created, called Lsjbot, to look through databases and online sources of information, collect relevant data, and create articles. On a good day, Johansson's bot adds up to 10,000 new entries to Wikipedia, making him the site's most prolific author by far.

For English readers of Wikipedia, it's unlikely you'll come across Johansson's articles: approximately one third of his articles are written in Swedish, and the other two-thirds are in Filipino. As for content, the articles mostly concern obscure animal species such as certain types of beetles and butterflies. There's also a number of articles on towns in the Philippines in his portfolio, which he's particularly proud of.

The use of bots in the creation of Wikipedia entries is perfectly 'legal' under the rules of the publicly-editable website. However, many other contributors dislike Johansson's use of a bot and its prolific presence across the site, arguing it creates boring entries that often aren't very useful.

Johansson's work creating articles on Wikipedia is only a part-time hobby. Day-to-day he's an administrator, who also holds degrees in civil engineering, particle physics, economics and linguistics. One day he hopes Wikipedia will become a source for telling people everything about everything, which his work certainly contributes to.