Google's latest version of Chrome comes with a few minor enhancements and additions as well as a number of security fixes. Chrome recently introduced some changes to its Incognito mode on desktop and will also be bringing deeper optimization on Android devices over the next few days.

Incognito mode recently received a new black and grey icon, along with an updated design for the message that gets displayed once the mode is activated. The actual content of the message appears to have remained the same. A simple option for users who don't want Google Chrome to save a record of sites visited or files downloaded, Incognito also now has refreshed pop-up messages and a new crash recovery prompt.

There were 26 security issues addressed in total for the desktop version, one of which earned the individual who uncovered it a $2000 reward. Another researcher earned $3000 for a URL spoofing bug spotted on the Android version.

Along with the aforementioned security flaw and one other mentioned by Google in the release notes, Chrome 36 for Android also features improved text rendering on sites that aren't optimized for mobile, other bug fixes and the return of Doodles to the new tab page. Google says the new Android version of Chrome will be available via Google Play "over the next few days"