No matter which controllers pass through our hands over the years, you've still got to appreciate the classics. That's why this Bluetooth gamepad is so appealing. It combines the new and the old in a manner that looks and feels like one of the original, authentic NES controllers you could have pulled straight from your attic from the glory days of gaming. Best of all, it actually works. 

8Bitdo's NES30 controller may feature a few extra buttons, but it's as close to a clone as you can get to the iconic input device, while also including surprisingly broad device support too. Specifically, the controller works with Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, and can even double as a Wii remote.

It'll set you back a good $40 if you want to channel the glory days of the NES while using while gaming on your computer or mobile devices. That price includes the Xtander accessory that detaches from the controller and doubles as a stand for your smartphone or tablet. As for the NES30 itself, it supports a wired USB connection besides Bluetooth, while keys include a 4-way D-pad, four action buttons along a pair of shoulder buttons, select and start.

The NES30 is available from eBay and has already gotten a few rave reviews from GBATemp readers and those who have already given it a test drive. Let us know if you decide to pick one up, if anything, you'll have an awesome replica to display in your home that you can store apart from your classic consoles.