Diversity reports are the new hot topic in Silicon Valley as Twitter is next in line for everyone to comb over. Unsurprisingly, the microblogging platform on Wednesday joined a growing list of tech companies dominated by white males, just as we've seen from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo in recent months.

The report indicates that 70 percent of Twitter's overall workforce are male and 90 percent of its tech-oriented employees are also men. Non-tech roles - things like marketing, public relations, human resources, etc. - are gender split 50/50 while 79 percent of leadership roles are held by, you guessed it, men.

The ethnic breakdown, meanwhile, reveals Twitter employs mostly whites and Asians at 59 and 29 percent of the overall workforce, respectively. That same ratio is pretty much mirrored across both tech and non-tech jobs. Leadership roles are held primarily by whites at 72 percent followed by Asians at 24 percent. Other races make up just four percent of all leadership positions.

Janet Van Huysse, Twitter's vice president of diversity and inclusion, said they are keenly aware that Twitter is part of an industry that is marked by dramatic imbalances in diversity and they are no exception.

By becoming more transparent with employee data, open in dialog throughout the company and rigorous in recruiting, hiring and promotion practices, Van Huysse added, they are making diversity an important business issue for themselves.