Yahoo recently published a report that takes a look at diversity in the workplace. Of the Internet pioneer's more than 12,000 employees from around the globe, 62 percent are men and 50 percent are white.

Digging a bit deeper, we learn that 39 percent of the workforce is Asian. The next largest ethnicity is Hispanic at just four percent while all other races account for two percent of the workforce or less, respectively.

Yahoo also disclosed position types based on gender and ethnicity. A full 85 percent of Yahoo's technical staff are men while 52 percent of non-technical roles are held by women. Additionally, only 23 percent of leadership roles are filled by females.

In terms of ethnicity, 57 percent of those holding tech positions are Asian and 35 percent are white. For non-tech roles, whites account for 63 percent of the workforce with Asians representing 24 percent and Hispanics ranking third at six percent. Leadership roles are largely held by whites at 78 percent followed by Asians at 17 percent. All other races represent two percent or less of leadership roles.

The report comes less than a month after Google released similar workplace diversity data. Much like Yahoo, Mountain View's workplace is largely dominated by white men. The same can also be said of LinkedIn, yet another of the few high-profile companies that have released diversity figures in recent weeks.