Nvidia's Shield Tablet launches today and with it come a new set of GeForce drivers. As you'd expect, the WHQL drivers add support for Nvidia's new slate but there are also some new / updated SLI and 3D Vision profiles as well as some tweaks for a few other games.

GeForce 340.52 WHQL drivers introduce the following SLI profiles and profile changes:

  • 3DMark SkyDiver Subtest - added profile
  • Battlefield: Hardline - added profile
  • Dark Souls II - updated SLI profile, added NVCPL HBAO+ profile
  • Divinity: Original Sin - added profile (download via GeForce Experience)
  • Elder Scrolls Online - added profile
  • GRID Autosport - added profile (download via GeForce Experience)
  • LuDaShi Benchmark - added profile
  • WildStar - updated profile to support 32-bit .exe

Those interested in stereoscopic 3D gaming may appreciate a few additional 3D Vision profiles. New profiles for Banished and Krater are both rated as "Good" while a new profile for "BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea" gets an "Excellent" rating.

Nvidia also promises those playing Metro: Redux and the Chinese release of Final Fantasy XIV will have the best possible experience with the latest drivers.

If you have Nvidia's GeForce Experience software installed, no action is needed on your part as the drivers will be taken care of automatically. Alternately, drivers can be installed manually by downloading them from the links below.