DJI has recently added to its large line of flying camera drones with the new Spreading Wings S900. The new aerial system lands in DJI's professional range between the previously released S800 and the S1000. The company describes it as a "distillation of our latest technology into a lightweight, easy to carry platform."

The S900's light weight is due to its sturdy carbon fiber arms and retractable landing gear, according to DJI, which has also made the actual arms able to fold in for easy transportation as well. Once set-up, which apparently takes about 5 mins, you'll get around 18 mins of flying time with a take off weight of about 8.2kg. That flight duration is based on using a 6S 12000mAh battery.

It also features six of the company's "most powerful motors," handling and steering enhancements, the AS150 sparkproof plug to prevent short circuits, customizations upgrades and more. Like DJI's other drone options, this one is also compatible with a wide range of its own camera gimbals including the Zenmuse Z15, GH3, GH4, and BMPCC.

For those looking to get into flying camera drones for the first time, the S9000's $3800 price tag is likely a bit too steep, so DJI's Phantom line of aerial systems might be worth looking into. The company is also developing parachute systems should your hexacopter suffer some sort of malfunction in the air.