One of the tech industry's most prolific product leakers has called it quits. Evan Blass, better known by most as the man behind the Twitter account @evleaks, recently announced he is retiring after two years of leaking products from companies like HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung, just to name a few.

Blass, who revealed his identity to Android Police last October, explained his reasons for abandoning the Twitter account in an interview with The Next Web.

As is the case with many decisions in life, Blass admitted that it ultimately came down to money. Trying to monetize a Twitter stream is no easy feat. He first tried monthly sponsorships, then weekly, then single sponsored tweets and even resorted to accepting donations - something Blass said felt like online panhandling.

Twitter wasn't his only connection to the web, however, as he also launched a website. It's doing somewhat well but with Twitter being his main outlet and many tech savvy visitors using ad-block, the site wasn't enough to supplement the Twitter income.

Having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004, Blass said he needs to better prepare himself for the future in terms of finances. An Indiegogo campaign to help with mounting medical costs launched earlier today.

Blass said he almost certainly won't reverse his decision and return to leaking products again in the future. That's unfortunate for those in the community as his leaks had a high accuracy rate, something he credited to good sources, good colleagues to bounce ideas off of and good luck.