Large social media sites, like Twitter, are constantly testing and trying out new changes and features to their services. As per a number of user reports, Twitter appears to be trying out a couple new tweaks to its popular micro blogging system, some of which users aren't very happy about.

It looks as though Twitter implemented some feature changes to its services but only for select users. One of which is treating favorites like retweeets. On Twitter, favorites are typically more of a personal collection of tweets, but certain users are seeing favorited content appear in the main feed the same way retweets normally do. As many have suggested, this type of change blurs the line between the two functions, and in many ways makes them the same thing. 

While the very first reports of this change were noticed a couple weeks ago, it was just in the past few days that a size-able number of users began to see the changes. According to reports, the same users are also noticing notifications for when others choose to follow someone new.

Most reports from users experiencing the change aren't positive, but there is a good chance this is just a routine feature test on Twitter's part and that it may never actually see a full roll out.