Having trouble deciding between a standard television or one with a curved display? Both have their pros and cons depending on how many people are watching or the seating arrangement. Samsung's latest set that's currently on showcase at IFA 2014 eliminates the dilemma as it can transform from flat to curved at the touch of a button.

The 105-inch 4K Ultra HD behemoth broke cover during Samsung's press conference as the company announced they have tripled their curved TV lineup. That said, their offering now stands at 17 different models ranging from 48 to 105 inches featuring 4K, full HD and LED variations.

The bendable set that's capturing headlines today features a 21:9 aspect ratio as well as Sammy's dimming and upscaling technology. The South Korean tech giant didn't set a price or release date for the fancy set although we are hearing that the non-bendable version sells for around $120,000. Add in the flexible screen and that price could easily double.

The massive set aside, it'll be interesting to see if consumers are indeed interested in a television that can shapeshift. Of all the uses that I've seen for flexible displays up to this point, this one seems to be the most practical.

Sure, the LG Flex was neat but it was more of a proof of concept than anything else in my opinion.