Renowned vacuum maker Dyson on Thursday announced its first robotic vacuum cleaner, the 360 Eye. The automated gadget is packed full of the type of technology that should enable Dyson to successfully compete against rival iRobot and its popular Roomba line in the robotic vacuum space.

The robot gets its name from the 360 degree panoramic camera mounted on the top which allows it to literally see all of its surroundings at once. The camera helps the cleaner keep track of its position and determine where it should clean next.

To get there, the 360 Eye uses tank-style treads constructed of corrugated rubber. Dyson claims this allows the robot to maintain traction on virtually any surface without causing any damage.

The 360 Eye is equipped with the Dyson Digital Motor V2 which uses digital pulse technology to enable it to spin at up to 78,000 rpm. Together with Dyson's most compact cyclone technology to date, capable of generating centrifugal forces that can capture particles as small as pollen and mold, the 360 Eye claims to generate the highest suction of any robot vacuum.

Dyson also created a mobile app, the Dyson Link, that can be used to control and schedule when your vacuum goes to work. The app automatically activates your two year warranty and can also download software updates and troubleshooting guides.

Given all of this technology, the 360 Eye is a bit larger (and taller) than your average robot vac. That means it won't be able to slip under your couch or other low-lying furniture like others can.

Additionally, the unit's battery is only good for up to 30 minutes before it needs a recharging. Depending on the size of your home, that may or may not be long enough to get the job done.

The Dyson 360 Eye is expected to launch in Japanese markets early next year. No word yet on pricing, however.