Call it dedication, loyalty or just outright insanity but some people are already lining up outside of Apple’s flagship store in New York City in order to be among the first to get their mitts on a smartphone that hasn’t even been announced yet - granted, it’s a foregone conclusion that Apple is going to announce the next generation iPhone at a scheduled media event next week.

Brian Ceballo and Joseph Cruz arrived outside of the NYC store last month – August 31, to be exact. Ceballo told CNBC that he and Cruz, who represent electronic reseller BuyBackWorld, wanted to beat the current in-line record of 18 days.

But when Jason and Moon Ray approached the duo and offered them $2,500 for their spot in line, they happily agreed.

You’re probably wondering why anyone in their right mind would wait in line for what will likely be close to three weeks if Apple’s previous launches are any indication. I mean, don’t these people have something better to do? Like, a job?

To these guys, waiting in line is their job - they're professional line-sitters. Ceballos and Cruz have already pocketed $2,500 this week. Ceballo estimates he has made around $7,000 waiting in line for various Apple product launches – not to mention the attention he’s received from the media and what it has done for his social media following.

The Rays, meanwhile, will be spending the next few weeks promoting an app called VideoMedicine which allows users to Skype with doctors.