Deezer is a name you might not be familiar with unless you've spent some time in Europe. Much like Rhapsody and Spotify, Deezer is a streaming music service that allows users to listen to a catalog of more than 30 million tracks from the top record labels in the industry.

It's different from the competition, however, in the fact that it caters to audiophiles interested in higher quality audio. And now, Deezer is headed to the US although it'll only be available to a select few.

US customers are invited to try out Deezer free for 30 days starting September 15. The catch, however, is that you'll need a Sonos speaker system to enjoy the 16-bit, 44.1kHz, FLAC lossless tunes.

The new service will be called Deezer Elite and like high definition rival Tidal, it won't be cheap. The company plans to charge $20 per month for an unlimited on-demand subscription. If you've been keeping up, that's roughly double the cost of other "average" quality streaming services already on the market.

There are a few deals to take note of. For example, if you commit to Deezer for a full year, the price drops down to just $10 per month. Otherwise, Deezer will charge newcomers $15 per month although we have no idea how long they plan to offer this promo rate before the normal $20 pricing kicks in.

Sonos users interested in trying out Deezer are instructed to go to the Add Music Services in the new Sonos Controller app of their mobile device and if accessing from the desktop controller, click on Sonos Labs.

No word yet on when Deezer plans to expand to other platforms in the US.