Popular cross-platform VoIP and messaging service Viber has released an update (version 5.0) that brings support for video calling on its Android and iOS apps. This means that users on both platforms will now be able to make free video calls with other Viber users anywhere in the world. The new feature will work on most devices running Android 4.0 and up or iOS 6 or later.

"We're delighted to bring video calling to mobile", said Talmon Marco, Viber CEO. "Now that you can make video calls from your phone as well as on your PC and Mac, you can always talk in the way that's most convenient for you, wherever you happen to be". Video calling wass already available on the desktop app but you could only use the feature with other desktop users.

In addition to video calls, the latest update also includes a QR code scanning feature that helps you manage your contacts easily. In addition, iOS users can now manage, reorder, turn sticker packs on or off, and easily forward photo messages. Android users get a fresh new redesign.

Cyprus-based Viber boasts more than 400 million users worldwide. Similar to WhatsApp and other messaging apps, it doesn't require any usernames; people are identified by their current phone numbers.

Back in February, the company was acquired for $900 million by Rakuten, one of Japan's largest Internet companies. At that time, Viber said it had 300 million users, which means that the company has added 100 million new users in a period of just seven months.

Alongside changes to its mobile apps, Viber also announced enhancements to its desktop application for Windows, Windows 8, and OS X. You can download Viber for all platforms here.