Apple Watch has finally been officially unveiled, likely with much of the same features and functionality you would have expected. I guess one thing that surprised me was the focus on the dial (crown) along the side as a main system controller and the redesigned home screen. Beyond that, Apple unveiled more or less what I think most people were expecting in terms of the basic functionality and integration with iPhone.

Many feel Apple could be the one who really gets wearables off the ground in a major way, but its still hard to say if its iPhone tethered watch will take off like when Apple entered other major new product categories in the past. While full pricing structures have yet to be announced, one can only assume the gold model will be quite expensive, and likely be out dated in a year or so. Similar to the results of a recent pole we reported on, I am certainly interested in the functionality, but I'm still not convinced I'll buy one.

For this week's open forum we want to know your thoughts on the new Apple Watch. Will you be getting one? Or do prefer the smartwatches from other companies? If you weren't someone who already owned a wearable device, has Apple convinced you?