Google hit a grand slam with its Chromecast streaming dongle last year while at the same time inevitably spawning a number of copy-cat devices as is often the case in the monkey see, monkey do technology industry. The latest at bat is Microsoft with its no-nonsense named Wireless Display Adapter.

Much like Chromecast, the main feature of the Wireless Display Adapter is its ability to beam content from a wireless device to a television (or a projector). And just like Google's solution, Microsoft's answer connects via HDMI and uses USB for power although the wire appears to be permanently connected to the device (at least this way, you won't lose it).

Where the two differ, however, is in the fact that Chromecast uses Google's own Cast technology while Microsoft's adapter only works with Miracast-enabled devices. That's not exactly a bad thing because there are plenty of Android and Windows devices that currently support Miracast.

Microsoft is also quick to point out that Miracast technology isn't limited to specific apps like Chromecast is. And because it can connect to monitors and projectors, it could be extremely useful during your next presentation at work.

That all sounds great but it does come at a cost. Microsoft plans to sell the adapter for $59.99. If you're keeping up, that's $25 more than Google's solution. But if you're still interested, it'll be landing at Microsoft retail stores, Best Buy and Microsoft's online store next month.