This is a tough question that I was debating with a few people earlier this week: which do you prefer, Star Wars or Star Trek? Both are iconic science-fiction sagas that have entertained countless people over the past 40 years, myself included, so it's tough to say which one is better.

My friend proposed that the adventures of Captain Kirk, and Captains Picard and Janeway in later series, were enthralling and (in the case of the original series) quite revolutionary in the television space. Star Wars was also revolutionary upon its release in 1977 with the first film of many, with its epic scale and memorable characters making it an instant hit.

Both series also have their low points, ranging from several mediocre Star Trek films, to the widely disliked Star Wars prequel trilogy. However, the fact that both franchises continue today is a testament to their general success and popularity among a wide audience.

As for which I think is better, I tend to lean on the side of Star Wars considering it was one of the first science fiction stories I was introduced to. What would you prefer to watch, and what do you like better? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to include which series/film you think is the best.