Nearly a year after bringing the feature to its iOS app, TiVo has finally added streaming capabilities to its Android app. This means that you can now stream recorded as well as live shows to your Android smartphones and tablets.

The app can connect to both Wi-Fi as well as cellular networks, compared to the iOS version which is Wi-Fi only. "We've effectively been serving half the market in this context with iOS functionality", said Jim Denney, TiVo's vice president of product marketing.

The app enables you to discover and interact with recorded and live television from over-the-air antenna broadcasts or cable TV, as well as from Internet-based services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video. That said, not all recorded content can be streamed or downloaded to a mobile device due to restrictions imposed by the content owner. For example, copy-protected content, like recorded HBO shows and movies, won't be available on the go.

The TiVo Android app can display information on both the cast and the crew for whatever you're watching on TV. Also, If you are watching content on your Android device and want to switch to your TV, a simple tap on the app will switch the stream from the mobile device to the big screen.

The app is now available on Google Play, and is also scheduled to be available soon at the Amazon App Store. It is compatible with any mobile device running Android 4.1 or above with a non-Intel or AMD chipset.