Diversity in the workplace is a talking point in the tech industry. Several of the industry's biggest players have published reports on the matter in recent months with Microsoft becoming the latest to do so this past Friday.

The Redmond-based company's overall diversity - or lack thereof - mirrors what we've seen from virtually every other Silicon Valley giant thus far.

Microsoft's workforce is dominated by men as 71 percent of staffers are male. That ratio jumps to 82.9 percent in favor of men when looking at tech-based roles and 82.7 percent for leadership roles. Things are a bit more even when looking at non-tech jobs as 44.5 percent of those are held by women.

In terms of ethnicity in the overall scope, Caucasians represent 60.6 percent of Microsoft's global workforce while Asians account for 28.9 percent of all employees. The remaining 10.6 percent of those on Microsoft's payroll fall into the categories of Hispanic, African American, multi-racial, American Indian and Pacific Islander - in that order.

Looking closer, 56.7 percent of Microsoft's technical staff is Caucasian, 35.3 percent are Asian and just 3.8 percent are Hispanic. Nearly 70 percent of the company's non-technical positions are held by whites while 72.2 percent of those in leadership positions are white and 20.7 percent are Asian.

Microsoft joins a growing list of tech companies to divulge workforce demographics including Pinterest, eBay, Apple, Twitter, Google and Facebook, in no particular order.