Keep forgetting to pay your bills on time? Now you can just ask Google to remind you. The company has updated its Google Search mobile app (which has been renamed to simply "Google") with a feature that will help you remember if you have any bills to pay.

To use the feature just tap the mic on the Google app and say, “Show me my bills” or “My bills due this week”, and the app will come up with upcoming bills, the amount owed, as well as a summary of past bills. Google currently allows you to only query your bills, not make payments.

The feature works by scanning your emails for the payment due date and amount. This means that if you still receive your bills on paper, you are out of luck.

Google already scans users' emails for information like flight booking details, hotel reservations, movie timings, and more, and presents it to them before they ask for it. These features are only available to those who have turned on the Google Now feature, and have allowed it to scan their emails.

Back in April this year, the search giant updated its terms of service to clearly reflect that the company's automated systems analyze users' content including emails to create targeted ads.

The bill reminders feature, which is currently only available on mobile, has had a limited roll out since May, but it looks like it has now been rolled out en masse.