Time4Popcorn, one of the most-used forks of the popular torrent-streaming service Popcorn Time, has migrated to a new domain after Time4popcorn.eu was suspended by the European Registry of Internet Domain Names (EURid) last week. The project, which claims that it "will never be taken down", can now be found at https://popcorn-time.se.

According to TorrentFreak, the European regulator suspended the original domain on suspicion that it was registered with inaccurate contact details. “Upon verification of the contact data for your .eu domain name, we have reason to believe that your contact data is inaccurate”, wrote EURid, asking the team to show proof of identity.

But what is interesting is that rather than providing the information, the site's developers migrated to the new domain -- they told TechCrunch that the original domain was knocked offline due to some sort of legal investigation against Popcorn Time taking place in Belgium.

As a result, their application stopped working across platforms because it requires the domain to load the user interface. The developers say most users should receive an automatic update to the latest version, which already points to the new domain. Those that don't automatically receive this update can download it manually from the new website.

Despite quickly bringing the service back online, the folks behind the Popcorn Time fork say the suspension is still expected to have an impact on the project. The biggest issue right now is that the domain popcorn-time.se doesn’t appear on any Google search for Popcorn Time. The developers are asking people to share the new URL so that their Google search rank improves.

Although it's hard to prevent similar suspensions in the future, they were quick to note that the app's upcoming release, beta 5.0, will make sure that an incident like this doesn't affect existing users.