The Black Eyes Peas co-founder has unveiled a new device called the Puls (pronounced Pulse) through his wearables company, The debut product is something the musician / tech enthusiast has been talking about for quite some time - a voice-controlled wristband / cuff that can make voice calls without needing to link to your smartphone (much like the Samsung Gear S).

First and foremost, the standalone wearable isn't a smartwatch (although it performs many of the same functions as one). It's capable of playing music, displaying GPS-based maps, sending and receiving texts and e-mails, tracking fitness and even keeping up with social networking services like Facebook and Twitter.

The device features 1GB of RAM and 16GB of onboard storage and, according to Engadget, is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running an Android-based OS. It's packed with technology including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, a pedometer, accelerometer and the aforementioned 3G radio. Most commands are carried out using voice control through a Siri-like personal virtual assistant.

The Puls is the second product to debut through's company, the first being the ill-fated foto.sosho which was an iPhone camera case.

The wearable is expected to launch through AT&T in the US and O2 in the United Kingdom at some point. It'll be available in black, white, pink and blue color schemes in addition to versions built of solid gold and gold with diamonds. No word yet on pricing but it'll be in AT&T stores for the holidays, we're told.