Twitter has partnered with online audio distribution platform SoundCloud to bring music and audio to tweets. SoundCloud's entire catalog will be available through the Twitter Audio Card so you can listen to your favorite tunes or check in on a podcast as you navigate your timeline on Android and iOS devices.

When you come across a track or podcast you want to listen to, a simple tap gets things going. From there, you can dig deeper and check out information on the artist in a full-screen view. Best yet, the audio card can be docked so you can continue to listen as you browse your timeline.

If you recall, Twitter was reportedly considering an acquisition of SoundCloud this past spring. A deal was never hammered out, however, as the microblogging platform bowed to pressure from stockholders that weren't too keen on the idea.

More recently, SoundCloud was in the news for its decision to introduce ads as a way to pay artists. This additional revenue stream might have helped sway investors on the acquisition, but I digress.

Twitter said they are just beginning to test the new feature and plan to bring on more partners and creators in the near future.

True enough, before I was even able to finish this story, Twitter announced a second major partner: iTunes. When a user listens to music from select iTunes artists, they'll also be able to pre-order unreleased music and purchase tracks on the spot.

The Foo Fighters were one of the first major bands to use the new audio card as they tweeted the official release of their new song "Something for Nothing" on Thursday afternoon.
Perhaps Twitter has finally found a music service that won't be a total flop.