A couple of different solutions have surfaced in the past year or so that can help keep tabs on luggage as you travel (after all, airlines make no guarantees that your belongings will arrive at the same destination you do). A new product seeking funding on Indiegogo, however, looks to be the most complete offering yet.

Bluesmart is a carry-on suitcase that's loaded with technology. It features a TSA-approved digitally-controlled lock that can be controlled from a companion app on your smartphone. There's also a built-in digital scale so you can be sure to keep your luggage within regulation ahead of time.

Other neat features include a distance alert that can be configured to notify you if you leave Bluesmart behind, a built-in battery that can recharge a typical smartphone six times over, location tracking and detailed reports regarding your travels (miles traveled, airports visited, time per country, etc.).

As for the luggage itself, Bluesmart consists of three polycarbonate layers, weatherproof zippers, an anodized aluminum handle and four spinner wheels. Or in other words, it sounds pretty sturdy.

The Indiegogo campaign has already blown past its initial funding goal of $50,000 with more than $124,000 pledged from over 600 backers as of writing. Unfortunately, that also means that some of the early bird rewards are already gone so you'll need to drop down $235 to secure a Bluesmart once they start shipping next August.

At that price, this will clearly be the type of product that attracts frequent fliers but it sounds cool nevertheless.