These days most people have a smartphone, and statistically speaking it's most likely to be running Android, iOS or Windows Phone. Choosing which operating system to use can often be tricky, especially as they are updated reasonably frequently with new and useful features, and the hardware selection can differ greatly.

So in this week's Weekend Open Forum, we ask you: what operating system is on the smartphone you're currently using? Have you managed to upgrade to a nice new device like an iPhone 6 or Galaxy Note 4, or are you stuck with something older like an old-style Motorola Droid? Would you prefer to be using an OS your smartphone isn't running? Let us know in the comments below.

Personally, as the guy at TechSpot who reviews phones on a weekly basis, I find myself most often using Android. This is mostly because there are so many Android phones on the market, though I've also used iOS and Windows Phone. I'm still not settled on which I prefer; I think each OS has strengths and weaknesses, which is part of what makes choosing quite tricky.

And if you happen to be using an OS that's not Android, iOS or Windows Phone - like BlackBerry 10, Jolla, Symbian, or something else - we'd also like to hear. Sometimes we just can't fit all the options into the title.