Mobile chip designer ARM has announced three new GPU designs based on its popular Mali architecture that’ll cover entry-level, mid-range and high-end smartphones and tablets.

As you might expect, the new chip designs will offer better performance and improved energy efficiency. For example, the premium Mali-T860 GPU supports 4K graphics (and beyond) yet is still 45 percent more energy efficient across a wide range of content.

The other new designs include the Mali-T830 and the Mali-T820. ARM has also unveiled the Mali-V550 video processor and the Mali-DP550 display processor.

Each new chip has the right amount of bandwidth, as bandwidth is a very precious resource on a chip according to ARM senior product manager of media processing, Steve Steele.

Performance and energy usage aside, the new GPUs will also be more cost efficient and have a faster time-to-market. Steele didn’t say exactly how long it would take to go from the drawing board to the smartphone in your hand but I suspect it’ll be faster than ever as the mobile devices market continues to swell.

ARM has found tremendous success in supplying chip designs to mobile partners over the past several years. The company currently has more than 100 licenses for its Mali GPU designs across some 60 partners. To put that into perspective, more than 400 million Mali GPUs shipped last year alone.