Every year Samsung releases a flagship device and without fail there are always knocks about the construction and quality of the device, especially when compared to other flagship phones like the iPhone or HTC One M8.

In 2014, Samsung has finally heeded the criticism and released the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Although this device doesn't perform a full about-face in terms of build quality, it does take a step in the right direction. The Galaxy Alpha shares some of the design cues from existing Samsung devices, but adds a very distinct chamfered metal bezel around the edge of the device.

But, where does this all fit in?

Samsung has been known to release experimental devices, and although these devices might not sell well, they pioneer a movement and begin conversations. The Galaxy Alpha might be another experiment, but the timing of the release coupled with the specifications of the device, coincide all too perfectly with the release of Apple's iPhone 6. While it's no secret that Apple and Samsung are fierce competitors, Samsung has never produced a handset that could physically compete with Apple's flagship. I don't know if this is Samsung's ultimate intention, but Samsung could be on to something with the Alpha.

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