HP, one of the biggest printing companies on the planet, is finally getting into 3D printing. At a media event on Wednesday, the company unveiled its Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer which is still a couple of years away but could revolutionize the printing industry when it does finally arrive.

The Multi Jet Fusion is an industrial-style printer that relies on new technology to pump out printed creations many times faster than today's 3D printers are capable of.

As Gizmodo points out, Multi Jet Fusion starts by spreading powdered material across a build area. Next, a fusing agent is applied using a high-resolution print bar while a detailing agent is applied for high definition. These two separate agents are then fused together which creates the first layer. Rinse and repeat to build your printed product layer by layer.

To put it into simpler terms, it works kind of like an inkjet printer.

What would take a normal 3D printer 83 hours to produce can be printed in just three hours with the Multi Jet Fusion, HP claims. And because it jets 350 million drops per second at 21 micron precision, it's also much more detailed than some of the existing solutions.

Perhaps the only knock on HP's new printer is the fact that it won't launch until the second half of 2016. That's an eternity in tech time and gives the competition plenty of time to step their game up.