Reddit is taking a page from Kickstarter's book with the launch of Redditmade, a new crowdfunding website designed primarily to give subreddits an easy way to create official merchandise for their communities.

Redditmade is similar to Kickstarter in that campaigns have a set time limit - 30 days - in which they must meet their funding goal, otherwise no money exchanges hands and the campaign simply ends.

In the event of a successful campaign, Reddit will help the project's creators virtually every step of the way by find quality manufacturing partners, assisting with campaign promotion and so on. For example, official subreddit campaigns are distinguished as feature campaigns and can receive free, automatically-generated ads on Reddit (provided there are impressions available and a subreddit's ad space hasn't already been sold).

And in typical Reddit fashion, there's a charity angle in which campaign creators can elect to donate profits from their project to the charity of their choice.

Despite just launching, there are already a number of campaigns vying for Redditors' support. The majority of campaigns are for t-shirts although I did spot a campaign for a pair of headphones as well as one for a sticker pack and a lapel pin. Given the merchandise angle, I suspect most will end up being for clothing or stickers to promote a particular subreddit.