Sharp unveiled its Aquos Crystal smartphone as a Sprint exclusive this past August. Priced at $239 off contract, the hardware under the hood left a lot to be desired but the near edge-to-edge display certainly pushed the envelope of what’s possible on a smartphone.

LG Display, however, is hoping you’ll forget all about the Aquos Crystal once you see its new display technology that takes the bezels down to just 0.7mm. For reference, that is narrower than the thickness of a credit card.

The Full HD LCD panel measures 5.3 inches diagonally and was built using LG Display’s Neo Edge module processing technology which uses an adhesive instead of double-sided tape to attach the panel’s circuit board and backlight. This technique additionally creates a waterproof and dustproof seal that also blocks light leakage.

The panel is the first to use Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) technology, something that LG Display claims reduces the need for bezel space because the touch panel is embedded into the LCD module.

It’s up for debate as to which screen is more impressive considering LG Display’s solution only slims down the bezel on the left and right edges (when held in portrait mode) but it’s impressive nevertheless.

LG Display said they’ll start mass production of the display in November and supply it to manufacturing customers shortly after. No word yet on what handset will be the first to ship with it.