LG's new 5.3-inch smartphone display features impossibly thin bezels

Shawn Knight

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Sharp unveiled its Aquos Crystal smartphone as a Sprint exclusive this past August. Priced at $239 off contract, the hardware under the hood left a lot to be desired but the near edge-to-edge display certainly pushed the envelope of what's possible on...

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WHY??! How do you hold the damn thing without the edges of your fingers constantly touching the screen?

How exactly does these companies do their market research?

What customer actually wants a phone that has to weigh the same as 4 feathers and be no thicker than a human hair.. maybe two hairs but thats pushing it.

Stop the madness!


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It looks like a logical update for G3, the rumoured G4 for the next year. Let's hope the border doesn't get thicker when inside the phone. And LG really needs to restore their credibility about battery life - it was great with G2, sucks with G3.


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Wowww, that's what I expect from a new phone, something revolutionary, not evolutionary! I see LG innovating and focusing its resources on Screen Resolution and bezeless phones... If Samsung doesn't focus on something important (like a premium design) in some years LG might just catch up...


So if these bezels are "impossibly" thin, how is it that they are "impossibly" thin, if it's impossible it is not possible.


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I don't see a helluva lot wrong with that Sharp Aquos Crystal, the specs are typically mid range and the price is right. I think if the author sees a processor spec below a Snapdragon 805 and a screen smaller than 6" he automatically thinks it's an entry level device.