Facebook was certainly sold on the current state of virtual reality when it agreed to acquire Oculus VR for $2 billion earlier this year. The same can’t be said for others, however, like renowned film maker James Cameron.

On the subject of virtual reality during a recent interview at a Wall Street Journal event in California, Cameron said there seems to be a lot of excitement around something that, is a yawn, frankly.

The question that has always occurred to him is when is it going to be mature, when is it going to be accepted by the public at large and when are people going to start authoring in virtual reality? Thus far, he (correctly) notes that there aren’t any VR applications that allow the user to do much more than look around at a virtual world.

If you want to move through a virtual reality, Cameron added, it’s called a video game and they’ve been around forever.

While it’s hard to argue with those points, it’s also a bit surprising that they’re coming from the man who took special effects to a whole new level in the 1991 hit film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. He spent more than 10 years working on Avatar, a film that was supposed to debut in 1999 but got postponed because the technology didn’t yet exist to create the movie how he’d envisioned.