It's been a tough year or so for iconic MP3 player Winamp. After launching in 1997 and exploding in popularity over the next several years, the once go-to media player quietly vanished from relevance through the latter half of the 2000s thanks largely in part to iTunes (and mismanagement on AOL's part).

The rise of streaming music provided the final nail in the proverbial coffin as Winamp was to be shut down late last year. That date came and went with nary a word on the matter until early this year when Radionomy bought Winamp and Shoutcast from AOL.

Regardless of what happens to the software in its new owner's hands, Winamp will live on in infamy thanks to one Jordan Eldredge. Through the use of HTML5 and JavaScript, Eldredge has created a (mostly) working version of Winamp 2.9 that can play MP3s hosted online. Yes, this really whips the llama's ass!

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