BitTorrent has announced that in 2015, its file synchronizing service Sync will be out of beta as Sync 2.0, and will also offer a premium subscription option.

Dubbed Sync Pro, the premium service will offer capabilities like having access to very large folders, controlling ownership and permissions for shared folders, keeping information automatically consistent across desktop and mobile devices, and more.

Sync Pro will be available for $39.99/year, compared to similar services from Dropbox, Microsoft, and Google that cost over $80/year. BitTorrent says it is able to keep the price low because Sync's distributed technology bypasses the cloud, which means that the company does not have to invest in building big data centers to hold tons of servers and storage.

For those who are willing to give Sync 2.0 a try before it rolls out, the company will be offering a public alpha – you can sign up here to receive related notifications.

In addition, BitTorrent will roll out a new app centered around the mobile-to-mobile feature that was available in Sync 1.2. The as-yet unnamed app will use the Sync engine, and will be available on all major mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Finally, the company will also release a new Sync-based file replication product for IT admins, allowing them to deploy, manage, monitor, and scale Sync operations, although it will not be available until some time after Sync 2.0 has launched. To receive alerts on when the new app or the file replication tool is available, sign up here.