Payments company Square recently launched its new mobile device card reader with chip-based and magnetic-stripe support for US payments. The new reader will come ahead of the upcoming move to all chip-based card transactions this year, allowing for simple and secure payments. At the time, it seemed as though the reader's availability would be limited the US and a few other places, but it now appears that may not be the case

As reports have pointed out, a recent update to Square Register, the company's iOS and Android app, shows that the service will be going worldwide. Along with custom gift card support and basic stability fixes, the latest update notes "worldwide use of register," even in countries where there is no integrated Square card processing. It also mentions support for 130 countries worldwide. 

Based on reports, users in other countries have been able to download the app from local app stores, but are still greeted with a message saying the physical hardware processing end of things is not yet available. 

Previously, the company's services/apps have only been available in North America (US/Canada) and Japan, but it seems that will be changing slowly as the new reader rolls out. At this point, there has been no word of when the hardware will be available outside of the US, as preorders stateside still aren't scheduled to ship until next year.