Motorola is asking AT&T to return its unsold inventory of Nexus 6 smartphones due to a software issue. Affected phones are said to power on and render a black screen, effectively bricking the device according to multiple reports.

Droid Life was the first to report the issue, noting that only the initial batch of AT&T Nexus 6 handsets was impacted.

Motorola has since responded to the incident, saying they delivered a small number of Nexus 6 smartphones with incorrect software to AT&T pre-order customers. The memo notes that the software prevents the phone from starting up properly. AT&T promised to provide replacements for consumers whose phones are affected.

The Lenovo-owned company said the issue has since been corrected and phones that are currently shipping work just fine.

While not confirmed, it seems like a pretty big coincidence that AT&T is the only carrier experiencing issues with the Nexus 6. I say that because AT&T is the only carrier that tampered with the device by adding a ton of bloatware. We're also hearing that the AT&T variant includes a locked SIM card and won't let users tether without a supporting plan.

It's unclear just how widespread the issue is but if every pre-order is impacted, that'd be a serious blunder. Please do chime in below and let us know whether or not your AT&T Nexus 6 arrived in a fubar state.