Around the globe right now, your family and friends are preparing for the holiday season, shopping online or visiting stores in the crazy Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. And even if you don't celebrate Christmas or one of the other religious celebrations, it's always a great time to pick up something you want for cheap.

So what do you want to pick up this holiday season? What have you already purchased? What are you hoping to receive from friends, family or Santa Claus under the Christmas tree?

Personally there's not a great deal I'm specifically eyeing off, although it'd be great to pick up some cheap hard drives for my home server, and perhaps a new laptop to replace my aging and quite slow piece of crap.

As for non-tech items (yes, sometimes I like to gift/receive things that aren't tech), I've been seriously considering buying Lego's The Tumbler or maybe The Tower of Orthanc as a display piece. Unfortunately these tend to be hard to find and usually out of stock at many retailers at this time of year.