If you didn't activate a new Apple device this holiday season, you were apparently in the minority. According to a new report from research firm Flurry, more than 51 percent of mobile devices activated between December 19 and December 25 were from the Cupertino-based company.

To be precise, Apple accounted for 51.3 percent of all activations during the week leading up to and including Christmas (which also includes other holidays like Hanukkah). Samsung finished in second place with 17.7 percent of device activations followed by Nokia, Sony and LG with 5.8 percent, 1.6 percent and 1.4 percent of all activations, respectively.

To put the numbers into perspective, Apple activated 2.9 devices for every Samsung device that was activated and for every Lumia device activated, Apple activated 8.8 iDevices.

Flurry examined data from more than 600,000 apps to determine that once again, Christmas Day was responsible for the largest number of new device activations and app installations in a single day over the course of the entire year.

The firm also noted that companies like HTC, Huawei and Xiaomi accounted for less than a one percent share on Christmas Day. One of the reasons for this, Flurry highlighted, is because December 25th isn't the biggest gift-giving day of the year in Asian markets like it is in other parts of the world.

While a single report is just that, it's already becoming clear that Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were well received by consumers this holiday season.