MSI teased its Titan GT80 gaming notebook this past October and now, they're finally ready to reveal the full specifications of this hulking desktop replacement.

With a name like Titan, it should come as little surprise that the machine is quite capable in the graphics department. It'll come with not one but two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPUs and when you consider the mobile variant delivers about 80 percent of its desktop counterpart according to Nvidia, we're looking at an immensely powerful system.

Best yet, buyers will be able to upgrade the GPU to at least the next two GPU cycles, MSI claims.

Elsewhere, the system can be configured with Intel's Core i7-4980HQ processor capable of Turbo Boosting up to 4.0GHz, four SO-DIMM slots that can accept up to 32GB of RAM and four M.2 SATA slots for RAID-ready solid state storage.

The Titan GT80 also includes an additional 2.5-inch drive bay, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and wired connectivity from Killer Networks and a 1080p display.

A 1080p screen does seem a bit unfortunate when you consider this is one of the few gaming notebooks that could actually push a higher-resolution display, but I digress.

The MSI Titan GT80 will begin shipping next week at a starting price of $3,299. That's a lot to throw down for a gaming notebook but if you desire a blazing fast system that's transportable and have the bank roll to make it happen, it certainly looks like a viable option.