MSI Titan GT80 full specs include dual GTX 980M GPUs, up to 32GB of RAM

Shawn Knight

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MSI teased its Titan GT80 gaming notebook this past October and now, they're finally ready to reveal the full specifications of this hulking desktop replacement.

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Is it just me or did you neglect to mention that it also has Cherry Brown mechanical keys?


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Wow that laptop looks beastly, I have been wondering when MSI would jump onto the Ultra areas of gaming laptops and offer an SLI or CFX capable laptop.

Price is a bit sad though but I guess nothing not expected considering it has Dual GTX 980M's. Would love a more budget friendly version of this with either 2 GTX 970m's or a single GPU but is capable still of SLI/CFX.


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It looks like they borrowed some design elements from Asus, and that's a good thing if it means quiet cooling.


It needs a better screen. Don't know why they went after all of this post them stuck a lousy 1080p monitor on it.