Although the financials may not yet reflect it, 2014 was a fantastic year for T-Mobile. The disruptive wireless provider added 2.1 million total net customers during the fourth quarter en route to a record-setting year.

In the company's preliminary results for the previous quarter and year, T-Mobile said it added 8.3 million subscribers over the course of 2014. That's the most customers the company has added in a single year in its history.

With the additions, T-Mobile brings its total number of subscribers to more than 55 million and moves closer to the nation's third largest provider. As of the third quarter, 55 million customers had service with rival Sprint.

Depending on how Sprint's fourth quarter played out, it's entirely possible that John Legere and company may have overtaken them in terms of total subscriber count. If not last year, then I suspect T-Mobile will reach that milestone sometime this year as the momentum from their Un-carrier movement doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down.

Under Legere, T-Mobile has more or less revolutionized the wireless industry in the US. As part of the Un-carrier initiative, Legere has done away with contracts, enabled customers to upgrade much sooner than before, introduced free international data roaming and most recently, added data rollover.

The majority of these changes have also been implemented by the competition after the fact