The fourth beta version of iOS 8.2 has been pushed to developers. It comes nearly a month after Apple seeded the third beta but more importantly, it contains references to the company's forthcoming wearable.

9to5Mac was the first to spot the reference which is buried in the Bluetooth Settings menu. At the bottom of the screen under Other Devices, there's a section specifically for pairing an iPhone with the Apple Watch.

Specifically, it appears as though Apple is planning to release an Apple Watch app to assist with setting up the wrist-borne wearable. This validates a September report which claimed the Apple Watch would indeed pair up with an iPhone app for management purposes.

It's unclear if the Apple Watch app will be bundled with iOS 8.2 or arrive as a separate (optional) download in the App Store.

Sources familiar with the matter claim Apple is expected to ship its first wearable in March with plans to start retail staff training in mid-February. Apple Watch will be compatible with the iPhone 5 and newer and will work with Apple Pay. The company's entrance into the wearables market is expected to spur the entire industry but whether or not consumers will flock to the watch as they have with other Apple gadgets remains to be seen.

Pricing starts at $349 and scales up to many thousands of dollars depending on what sort of band you want with it.