Nearly a year ago, BlackBerry's Global Creative Director and singer Alicia Keys was caught sending a tweet not from a BlackBerry device but from an iPhone. That isn't half as bad as what happened earlier today regarding the Canadian handset maker's main Twitter account.

The company sent out a tweet earlier, urging its faithful users to keep up with the conversation on Twitter. The problem with the tweet was the fact that, once again, it was posted from the Twitter app for iPhone. Whoops.

The offending tweet was quickly removed but not before The Verge could grab a screenshot.

While information regarding what device a tweet originated from isn't visible within the regular Twitter app, it's displayed front and center in third-party clients like Tweetbot and Tweetdeck. You'd think that the marketing person responsible for managing the company's official Twitter feed would be aware of that.

What's more, you'd think the company would have its social media marketing department using its own handsets, but I digress. Either way, it'll be curious to see if BlackBerry addresses the matter publically or not.

If you recall, Alicia Keys blamed her incident on hackers but she isn't the only one to get caught in such a manner. Several months earlier, Oprah published a tweet endorsing Microsoft's Surface which was sent from an iPad.